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Widgeon Drake Group Mount
Widgeon Drake Mount
Mallards Group Mount
Teal Group Mount
Teal Group Mount


Webster: "The special sense by which the qualities of an object constituting appearance, are perceived and which is meditated by the eye." Many a waterfowl hunter has implanted in their soul, certain memories, that only they saw. To recreate those memories, the gift of discernment is required, along with being a veteran waterfowl hunter. That's where we separated ourselves from others. After years of experience in the duckblind, and mounting thousands of waterfowl, there is one common denominator, most folks assume the negative instead of the positive. You can have your vision re-created here at Creative Feathers.


The focus of the Process is to find the best area in your home or office so we can get the most out of the group mount. When it's decided what birds you want, we start designing layouts on paper that give you ideas of what will not only be practical, but very realistic. We suggest that when you start collecting your birds, you choose only mature (fully plumed) birds. Remember, we are recreating nature at its finest. If you do not have your own birds, we can provide "Taxidermy Grade Mallards (Pin-raised)". They are available only certain times of the year and must be bought or reserved early, due to supply and demand.


The first step of the group mount is to install the wood that the birds are to be mounted on. Each bird will have its own position to create the correct attitude of group flight, just like you see them from your blind. Then the mounts are hung on location, each one having its own spot. You can decide to have your mount portable or permanent. We are equipped to travel anywhere in the country.

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To order, contact the artist by email or by phone at (409)935-3733.